Thursday, July 16, 2009

The nitty gritty nuts and bolts of the kiln wiring

I spent the day today learning the ins and outs of the our old electric kilns (Duncan / paragon).
The elements were fine for the most part but good lord, the screws and nuts and washers were all rusty. The whole wiring panel needed attention. I met a really cool gal from Harford County Community College, who also teached continuing education ceramics. Her name is Gretchen. Needless to say I learned alot from her. The best part is that I can fire this weekend and keep my class on schedule. Yea!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Teapot Show at Clayworks Mt.Washington

Today I went to Clayworks in Mount Washington, Maryland. I had not been there, in probably 10 years or so. I went to meet an online friend and fellow Etsy Mud Team member to see the Teapot exhibit, where another Etsy Mud Team member has 2 pieces showing. I got to Clayworks early so I stopped in on a few friends of mine, that have work space there. Peggy Fowler, who I met through and is a member of the Potter's Guild of Baltimore, was quietly working away. We chatted for a while. I also stopped by to talk to Sarah House. I met her at the Community College of Baltimore County, Essex Campus, when I was taking Sculpture and Ceramics. I got to see what she has been working on currently. It was good to see her again. I run into her on campus from time to time. She teaches classes there, since she got her art degree. I teach the continuing Education classes on campus.

At one o'clock, I met up with Graciela, an EMT member from Alexandria Virginia. We went to the Teapot exhibition. We had a wonderful time. We got to see and touch Judi Tavill's teapot. She too, is a member of the Etsy Mud Team. The pieces were all gorgeous. The exhibit was well worth the trip.

After viewing the gallery, I took Grace across the street to the Clayworks facility, where they have the artists spaces and classes. Peggy was still there, working away. I introduced Grace to Peggy and we chatted for a while. Then Peggy gave us the grand tour of the facility. It was really nice to see. It had changed so very much since I was there last. We got to meet a few of the artists and see the classrooms and kiln areas, and learned some about the history of the building and its growth.

After the tour, Grace and I went around the corner to the Desert Cafe. We had tea and a wonderfully decadent dessert. The waiter there spoke spanish and Grace conversed with him in his language. I found that so delightful. We had a really nice time. What a great day!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009, may you be a lot better than 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Well I have to say it, "Hallelulia and Good Bye 2008"! What a downer that year was in so many ways. I am so glad it is over and am so looking forward to 2009 and starting a new.
I am thankful for the Etsy community and the wonderful people in the Etsy Mud Team. I am looking forward to becoming more involved with the group. I also signed up for my local group in Baltimore Maryland.