Saturday, May 24, 2014

Help Reopen The Baltimore Potters Guild by Barbara Jo Ruble - GoFundMe

Hello Potter's Guild students,
On April 30th, the Potters Guild was badly damaged by
flooding. The same storm that collapsed 26th street hit the Meadow Mill
community very hard, and the Guild and our neighbors have spent the past
weeks working toward recovery.

This week, the membership of the Guild gathered
together to make critical decisions about the future of our community -
should we re-open? If so, should we consider trying to move? Will we
continue to provide classes? Should the gallery space be reconsidered?

Asking these hard questions gave us the opportunity
to identify what is most valuable about the Guild, and ensure that we
focus our energy on those areas. While a great many logistical questions
are still up in the air, we wanted to share the answer to the biggest
questions with you today.

Yes, we will stay open (in our current space, for the time being at least).
Yes, we will continue to offer classes. Important details below:

classes will continue, and are our highest priority. We continue our
commitment to offering classes that are of high quality to our students
in the community. Whether you are taking your first class or have been
in Nancy's class every session for years, your energy, creativity, and
enthusiasm provide the backbone to our studio. Students are our
ambassadors, future members, and teachers.
All current students will be able to finish out the remainder of
their session, with an extra week or two to make up for lost time.
time-frame for re-opening for classes will be decided by the progress
by our flooring contractor, issuance of insurance claims, and ordering
equipment, but we can not realistically expect to be operational before July 1st. Please find us on Facebook for updates, and we will send more messages to you as soon as we have more information.

Second, the damage to the space extends to supplies,
equipment, and artwork. Once the floor and walls have been replaced, we
will need to bring in new chemicals, wheels and kilns in order to offer
a working space to students and members.

Finally, given our limited insurance funds, we may
have fewer pieces of equipment for us all to share, and so we beg for
your patience and flexibility as we deal with a smaller inventory of
wheels, kilns, and glazes.
We encourage you to publicize and contribute to our fundraising
campaign, either through directly sending funds to the Guild or through
our online campaign (

Thanks again for all your support, energy, time, creativity, and patience.

- Baltimore Potter's Guild Teachers and Members


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Help Reopen The Baltimore Potters Guild by Barbara Jo Ruble - GoFundMe

Help Reopen The Baltimore Potters Guild by Barbara Jo Ruble - GoFundMe.

has been two weeks since the Potters Guild flooded.  There is still a
tremendous amount of work to be done.  We have reached about 70 percent
of our goal.  Unfortunately the age of our equipment has pretty much
rendered it worthless, due to depreciation.  You can see the story on WBAL tv    Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your  time.