Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We will Prevail!!!! by dgordon on Etsy

We will Prevail!!!! by dgordon on Etsy
Don't let them hide our ceramics and pottery categories.   If you shop by category you can still do it.  It is on the lower right column of the front page.  They say we as an etsy community do not use the categories often.  Lets show them wrong.  If you do treasures, use the categories.  If you promote your work use categories.  Tell your customer how to find the categories way to shop.  Here is a lovely collection to rally around.  My yarn bowl is here along with lots of the etsmdteam.  If you like to find ceramics by using the category breakdown, keep using them...  they will see people DO still want them.
Here is a list to more yarn bowls like this one. Here is a line to show more yarn bowls that are handmade in ceramics and pottery section. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ClaycrazyPottery?section_id=6062390

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