Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There is just 4 more weeks left til the new session of classes start. The flyers are out and the new classes will be listed on the website within the next week. We are adding a Thursday night class from 6-9 for those who want to start a bit earlier. Watch for more updates here and at http://pottersguild.org/

CCBC Essex continuing education Ceramics classes start March 18th and run for 6 weeks.
Learn hand building and throwing with stoneware clay and fire to cone 10 in a reduction environment.
Firing in reduction is a bit different than firing in an electric kiln. Oxygen is reduced in the kiln that makes the glazes have chemical reactions that can not be gotten in an electric kiln. Lot of fun and beautiful things happen in reduction. Come and take the 6 week class and see what is different in reduction.


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